• 500mm horizontal multi-rail
  • 2 single hooks
  • 2 double hooks (eg. for shoes)
  • Mini-shelf
  • Storage box
  • Helmet arm
  • Straight arm
    (shown with clothes)

Price: £41.25 : Code: MS

Add a vertical bike hanger


The horizontal multi-rail just takes 2 screws, so you can install this system in a small space, even on the back of a door. However you will need to make sure that they are securely fastened into your wall or door.

After that, its just a matter of working out where you want to put all your hooks and arms.


We've been using this storage in a big way, in our workshop to store a host of different shaped bike parts and spares. Move the mounts, hooks and trays around to suit your changing needs.

There are all sorts of other attachments available, including brackets for larger shelves, different sized trays and boxes for parts and all sorts of hanging arms and hooks of various lengths. In fact, if there is anything in your garage that needs to be kept out of the way, there is an attachment for it!